Given recent criticism by some parts of the media on Australia’s temporary and permanent skilled migrations programs Simon De Vere noted that it was very pleasing to see a more balanced and positive views on immigration being expressed.

One of Australia’s leading social commentators – Bernard Salt recently described Australia as “the most successful immigration nation on Earth. 28 per cent: almost seven million out of 24 million Australians were born overseas. Add in Aussies born here but who had one parent born overseas and that proportion tops 40 per cent”

Australia’s immigration story has been built over 200 years and it now has the second largest proportion of residents born abroad. Saudi Arabia had the highest. However, Saudi foreign born residents are guest workers who do not have the same sovereign rights as migrants.

Australia’s migration policy places an emphasis on skilled migration. Favouring a points and rules based approach when granting permanent residency status, Australia has not felt a recession in 25 years.

Salt went on to say that “What it means is that this nation has achieved something that no other nation has achieved or attempted. And that is the delivery of sustained economic prosperity combined with a generous immigration program over generations”

Source: The Australian, March 20 2017.